Family Friendly Dentistry using state of the art Laser and needle free treatments.

Dr. Lina Koffmanr and her staff  promise to provide you with exceptional care and a soft touch as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile. Your dental needs may include visiting us twice a year for a complete exam and cleaning.  They may involve  dental restorations, one-visit crowns (made here in our office using CEREC), root canal therapy, or anything in between.  Below are just some of the many procedures and services we  provide to our patients.  Your smile is our first priority, and our amazing results will give you something to smile about.

  • Advanced Diagnostics: Digital Xrays – lessens radiation exposure to patients; Laser diagnostic equipment – no xray radiation exposure
  • Laser Cavity penetration depth analyzer and Non-Invasive Oral cancer screening laser.
  • Advanced Cavity Care: No drilling, no needle Micro Invasive techniques – usually so comfortable – no local anesthetics necessary
  • Proven Superior restorative materials from the #1 Dental Manufacturer in Europe. New regenerative materials – help teeth repair themselves from the ravages of decay
  • Experienced Root Canal treatment: We treat every tooth, not just the easy ones. the most advanced techniques in the world.
  • Crowns: we have 10 years experience with the CERECr System. Imagine no yucky impression material, no temporaries, and precision fit, all ceramic crowns. Patients go home with completed crowns in 2 hours or less. CEREC EMaxr crowns are strong and beautiful.
  • Gum Treatment: NO Scalpels! No post-operative pain with the additional use of lasers.
  • Dentures: Although now rarely necessary, we use flexible materials which are made with NO Metal!   They are soft, lock in and look incredible.
  • Tooth whitening: We have 25 years experience lightening natural teeth; we use the BEST material available from the most reputable company.
  • Surgery: Yes we do Impacted wisdom teeth, and other types of surgery using MICRO-INVASIVE Laser techniques, no bleeding, no post op pain and no stitches!
  • Braces : 35 years experience with Braces, traditional, invisible and MINI-Appliances for the Growing and Grown.
  • Joint issues: State of the art non-surgical LOW-LEVEL LASER treatment with or without appliances.


All those times when you worried about breaking a tooth, and needing a crown. Taking the time out of  your day for the preparation and a temporary crown and then coming back on another day when your new crown came back from the lab : all that is NOW gone...

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A Frenum is a fold of tissue or muscle connecting the lips, cheek or tongue to the jawbone. A Frenectomy is the removal of one of these folds of tissue.  This video describes a Lower Anterior Frenectomy using a laser.

Air-Abrasion Filling

We use air-abrasion,  a process in which a fine, pressurized stream of aluminum oxide powder is used to remove the small decayed pits and fissures in teeth.

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The Benefits of Air Abrasion

When it comes to improving dental technology, there can be no bigger advancement than replacing the drills  that have evoked fear out of dental patients for decades. Remarkably, the new technology not only replaces dental drills, it is completely opposite to a drill.