All those times when you worried about breaking a tooth, and needing a crown. Taking the time out of  your day for the preparation and a temporary crown and then coming back on another day when your new crown came back from the lab : all that is NOW gone...

We do it all in ONE  DAY- ONLY  ONE VISIT.   Thanks to our New CEREC Technology... aka CAD/CAM Dentistry. Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) helps us to create a CEramic REConstruction that will restore your smile to it's natural strength, beauty and function.  

With the latest in computer technology our team can prepare your tooth , take a digital impression, and you can watch your tooth being constructed right before your eyes.  With the assistance of  our trained CEREC specialists your restoration will be designed, processing in our milling unit, and custom-glazed and stained . Once the restoration is created, it is fitted,  polished and bonded to your natural tooth - all this in One visit. We are thrilled to offer this Advanced Dental  procedure to our patients.