Dental Implants

Serendipity and your smile

This could be one of the most serendipitous articles you've ever read. That is, you are about to discover something delightful where you least expected to find it What is it? Dental implants are more than restorative... They can help you to look great!

Teeth that arc lost to gum disease, cavities, or trauma from an accident can be permanently replaced by dental implants -artificial teeth permanently anchored in the jawbone. This is important. Bone loss will always follow the loss of a tooth. And if bone is lost even from only one tooth, the surrounding teeth will shift This can affect your appearance, speech, ability to enjoy food. and your self-esteem.

Let us help you decide whether dental implants are for you. Like any other cosmetic restoration we'll take into account your health where the implant is needed, the best implant design and its suitability for your lifestyle.

How can Implants help?

Placing dental implants soon after tooth loss can save bone, teeth, and the look of your smile. For people with good overall health and healthy gums and bone, implants can be an attractive alternative to a denture or bridge. Implants really do look and feel just like real teeth. Implants help to keep gums looking healthy and young.

Because Implants are anchored into the bone like the roots of your teeth they act like natural teeth and preserve and strengthen the underlying bone.