Laser Beams into East Hanover

The American Dental Laser is a pulsed ND:YAG  laser designed by a dentist for many types of dental treatment. It is very similar to the laser used by ophthalmologists for almost 15 years. FDA approval was granted in May of 1990. Only eight dental lasers  are installed in the State of New Jersey.

Our office is committed to bring you the  most advanced treatment available!

Treatment is different than conventional treatment in that it is faster and more efficient in many cases, is bloodless, less invasive to the body, is conservative, and safe. In virtually every case, Novocaine is not needed because this laser pulses so fast that you simply cannot feel it!

The advantages of laser treatment are obvious. It is the most delicate, versatile  instrument ever available in the dental office. With it, we  have the ability to deliver highly concentrated, controlled  light energy into some of the most difficult recesses of the mouth.

The beam of light has the ability to vaporize biologic human tissue with exacting precision to cauterize, to operate below the normal threshold of pain, to perform old procedures more quickly, and perform new procedures which are revolutionizing dentistry for both the patient and the doctor.

Gum surgery and non-surgical treatment are per-formed for the first time without Novocaine and virtually no bleeding. Now we can see what we are doing for you. While we cannot remove tooth enamel and old fillings, decay is vaporized and teeth are desensitized using this amazing instrument So there's a lot less drilling and noise and less of your teeth are lost in the treatment. Both pockets in the gum crevices and cavities are sterilized by laser.

Limited availability of the American Dental Laser will mean that a small percentage of New Jersey dental offices will be laser-equipped by the year 2000.