Four out of five teeth agree:

Lasers work great!

Atlantic City, New Jersey: At the annual session of the New Jersey Dental Association, Dr. John Graeber of East Hanover presented his original research on the anesthesia of teeth using the new technology of the YAG dental laser.

Dr. Graeber was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his presentation. The study showed that teeth could be "numbed" painlessly without the use of the traditional needle at least four out of five times. This study was the first of its kind anywhere in the world, according to the International Academy of Laser Dentistry which sponsored the project. It is anticipated that this study will be published in a major dental journal this fall.

Dr. Graeber has been using the American Dental Laser in his practice for about a year and a half. In addition to the highly successful numbing of teeth, this laser can be used for all sorts of gum treatment, removal of tissue, and even some cavity preparation . . . all Without the need for the needle.