State of The Art!

Cerec 3TM Smile Restoration Technology

We are very proud to be able to offer you the world's most advanced dental restoration system. With the Cerec 3TM system we can manufacture lifelike porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays, and fillings right here in our office.

CEREC is derived from CEramic REConstruction, i.e. the replacement of missing tooth substance with ceramic material. It's tooth-colored, translucent, and bio-compatible.

Previously, tooth reconstruction required at least two or three appointments. Now, with the Cerec 3 system, the whole procedure takes place in only one office visit. With a special electronic" camera we take an optical impression of your prepared tooth. The image appears on a computer screen which allows you to view the process in action.

The restoration is then designed from a three-dimensional scan and precision milled from a porcelain block. Because the scan offers, such exceptional detail, the Cercc 3 is able to create an extremely accurate restoration. There is no gap through which bacteria can penetrate and cause dental decay. The restoration is almost as strong and long lasting as natural dental enamel. The ceramic material is bio-compatible and not affected by heat and cold, so you'll be able to enjoy cold treats and hot drinks with no sensitivity.

Due to its revolutionary technology, Cerec is the clinically best-researched method of tooth restoration. There have been over one mi1illion successful Cerec smile restorations performed worldwide since its introduction in 1985!