What HIGH-TECH means to you

A dental laser makes it easy to have gum treatment. It will numb nerves as it is used to remove diseased tissue. This means NO NOVOCAIN. and that means no pain whatsoever!! What a wonderful development! We have had the privilege of using the dental laser in our practice for over six years. In fact, it seems hard to believe that we ever practiced without it! It is not usually found in other dental practices--only about two percent nationwide have one. Dr. Graeber has been chosen to present full-day seminars on laser treatment to other interested dentists on behalf of the Institute for Dental Technologies.

The use of air-abrasion in the treatment of cavities is also gaining wider use throughout the country. Novocain is usually not needed because only a gentle stream of warm air and aluminum oxide (SAND!) gently and silently sprays away the decay. About five percent of dental offices have now purchased them. Dr. Graeber purchased the first unit sold in the United States five years ago! He is a nationally recognized leader in this field and has lectured to hundreds of dentists on how to use this new technology.