At Your Service

We are a Patient-Centered full-service practice.

Save yourself and your teeth the trauma of “The Drill.” Dr. Graeber’s micro air abrasion technique uses compressed air and micro-fine particles to “sandblast” cavities. You’ll be surprised at the difference a little air can make:  Other Cavity treatment will be accomplished by a painless Hard tissue laser.

For cavity treatment we usually are able to use our air-abrasion equipment without the need for needles or drills. All cavities are restored with light-hardened tooth colored resins. No silver fillings have been used for years.

All examinations are performed using a state-of-the-art intra-oral camera. We have used a camera and diagnostic imaging computer since 1989. All conditions are shown to our patients on a monitor so necessary treatment can be fully understood.

We were among the first offices in the country to offer laser treatment for soft tissue problems. The laser is often used without the need for any local anesthesia.

Dr. Graeber is one of our country's laser pioneers. He travels all around the country teaching his colleagues the art of laser dentistry. His many years of expertise in laser technology benefits his patients since their use enables Dr. Graeber to provide gentle, soft-touch dentistry.

Crowns are produced by cad-cam on our CEREC system- they are manufactured in ONE HOUR! and are the finest dental restoration ever offered by the profession.  We GUARANTEE  them a full five years. (conditions apply)

If Surgery is required for care, we utilize Operating Microscopes for the highest precision and Minimally invasive treatment.

Hi-tech equipment means the ultimate in patient comfort. For surgical procedures, we offer Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation.