All those times when you worried about breaking a tooth, and needing a crown. Taking the time out of  your day for the preparation and a temporary crown and then coming back on another day when your new crown came back from the lab : all that is NOW gone...

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A Frenum is a fold of tissue or muscle connecting the lips, cheek or tongue to the jawbone. A Frenectomy is the removal of one of these folds of tissue.  This video describes a Lower Anterior Frenectomy using a laser.

Dental Implants

Serendipity and your smile

This could be one of the most serendipitous articles you've ever read. That is, you are about to discover something delightful where you least expected to find it What is it? Dental implants are more than restorative... They can help you to look great!

Teeth that arc lost to gum disease, cavities, or trauma from an accident can be permanently replaced by dental implants -artificial teeth permanently anchored in the jawbone. This is important. Bone loss will always follow the loss of a tooth. And if bone is lost even from only one tooth, the surrounding teeth will shift This can affect your appearance, speech, ability to enjoy food. and your self-esteem.

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Air-Abrasion Filling

We use air-abrasion,  a process in which a fine, pressurized stream of aluminum oxide powder is used to remove the small decayed pits and fissures in teeth.

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The Benefits of Air Abrasion

When it comes to improving dental technology, there can be no bigger advancement than replacing the drills  that have evoked fear out of dental patients for decades. Remarkably, the new technology not only replaces dental drills, it is completely opposite to a drill.

Laser Dentistry

A revolutionary new dental instrument that uses a beam of light to remove diseased tissue and destroy bacteria is now being used by some 600 dentists across the country, including Dr. John Graeber in East Hanover. For many dental patients, it may mean never again facing the dreaded needle, since a wide variety of laser procedures can be "performed" without anesthesia.

"I couldn't believe he did the whole thing without giving me a needle," said Vera Marcantonio, a patient of Dr. Graeber's. "The only noise I heard was a slight popping sound and I couldn't feel a thing. It was incredible."

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