A trip to the dentist can be more pleasure then pain! A caring staff and a calming environment!

Trust your Oral care to experienced dental personnel.  Dr. John Graeberhas been practicing for almost 40 years, Dr Robert Bashar for 45 years, and our Hygienist, Trish Capiello, for 20 years!

The Hanover's Choice for Dental Care-Established in 1974.  We have cared for nearly 7,000 patients over that time. Everyone is treated with care, respect and gentleness.

Our Staff is the Best!  Highly trained, caring individuals who are interested in providing every comfort during your dental visit.  Pillows, blankets, warm towels and T.V.'s to watch while you are here!

We practice Soft-Touch Dentistry, soft hands, soft instruments, and the ultimate in caring professionals.  We are dedicated to your comfort on every visit.