Celebrating 40 Years in Practice

OImage of Dr. John Graeber raising a glassn February 5, Dr. John Graeber celebrated 40 years of the opening of his Dental Practice in East Hanover. Dr. Graeber expresses his thanks to his many patients in the Hanover area for their loyalty, patronage and support. "Opening my very own practice was a life-long dream come true", expressed Dr. Graeber. The success my family and I have enjoyed has exceeded all expectations.


"It is truly an honor being able to serve so many people"; "I am especially proud of the thousands of close relationships we have formed over the years" remarked Dr. Graeber.

Located on Ridgedale Avenue across from Middle School, Dr. Graeber has been providing all-encompassing, comprehensive care to his patients. When asked what that meant, Dr. Graeber said he provides virtually all the services patients require: from implants to braces. Dr. Graeber has a unique practice, by employing new technologies, many procedures are performed without dreaded needles or drills. His holistic approach to dental care is easily recognizable.

 Professionally, Dr. Graeber is the most experienced Laser Dentist in New Jersey and was just installed as President of the Academy of Laser Dentistry at its Annual Meeting. He holds Masterships in the Laser and the General Dentistry Academies and is a Fellow of the International College of Dentists. Previously Dr. Graeber has been President of both County and State Dental Societies and is a Life Member of the American Dental Association

While achieving all these milestones, Dr. Graeber looks forward to many more years of Service to the Community.