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Want to become a New Patient?

Have an Immediate Need? Want a New Dentist? We are accepting New patients and reserve time every day to serve the unplanned Oral problems. So make your needs known, and we will customize a reservation not just for an emergency exam, but the treatment which best meets your needs!

In Most cases, you can expect to be seen the day of your call for Single issue emergencies, and within 10 days for routine care visits.

Have need for an Exam & Cleaning?

We have reservations for New Patients at your convenience. Contact Us Today or Request An Appointment.

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  • We will carefully discuss your prior medical and Dental experiences
  • we will Clean your teeth, and provide you with Individualized, Preventive coaching
  • we will use state of the art instruments to thoroughly examine your mouth and related structures.
  • We will image any areas and teeth requiring treatment and discuss your treatment options
  • We will at every exam, screen you for Oral Cancer
  • We will assist you with deciding your best course of treatment.

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We will:

  • Provide you with a written estimate of the cost of your care
  • Take the time to explain how your dental Insurance plan will help you achieve your treatment goals
  • Customize payment plans to fit you budget

In Most cases, you can expect to be seen the day of your call for Single issue emergencies, and within 10 days for routine care visits.
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Why Choose Us?

Almost all of us have had a bad dental experience. This practice is dedicated to serving those who need to regain (or gain) trust in a caregiver. Dentistry isn’t fun, but it is not necessary to use techniques that scare or hurt!

I believe that the appropriate use of available technology and techniques can and will change the EXPERIENCE OF DENTAL CARE!

  • High speed drills are rarely necessary! The use of air abrasive technology takes both the noise and the discomfort out of a filling procedure without local anesthesia (needles) many cavities can be treated with a laser with no painful stimuli. Fillings should always blend into the natural beauty of a tooth and NEVER show!
  • Cleanings and polishing should only tickle, not pinch! Only a gifted Hygienist can provide both gentle and THOROUGH treatment.
  • Crowns are made here on the spot within 25 minutes. No metal to cause allergies or gray lines at the gumlines! Natural looking and feeling as well (Since 2006)
  • Implants, YES we do it all! From diagnosis to placement and restoration for the past 20+ years. ( fees are less than traditional bridges)
  • Need a Root canal? No fear, new anesthetics and laser assistance make the experience tolerable when necessary.
  • Recurring decay around old fillings? Stop the disease from re-occurring: new regenerative materials and personalized diet and home care techniques are our foundation of care.
  • Crooked teeth? I have treated more than 1000 patients with full orthodontic care. (have a certificate in Orthodontics after a 5 year training course)
  • Leading Edge Diagnostic equipment to treat early problems: Intra-oral TV cameras, Laser Trans-illumination (No X-Radiation ), Laser Oral Cancer Screening, Laser Cavity Measurement device.
  • (We rely least on old pick and poke methods) This office has been the first in NJ to employ these tooth and life saving devices