Stephen from Whippany

Dr Graeber went the extra mile for me. I had an old (like 40year) root filling in a front tooth that over the years had gone bad, it needed work which started out as a new root filling, but it was obvious after opening that the bone and area surrounding it was really poor. He took the time to make several repairs to the bone, risk an implant where others may have used a bridge, but did succeed in letting me keep my teeth. The whole process took years and he still adjusts the bite to keep my implant strong. I know he lost money on this one, but his commitment to deliver a total solution shows what kind of Dentist he is. I have only good things to say about him and his team, and if you show interest they will all take the time to explain what is being done, why and what it will cost.

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PR of Harrison comments

I was thrilled to take a tour of my mouth with Dr Graeber's oral camera , It helped me to understand what I needed to fix and what I could do to improve.

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JC of East Hanover says

 The first time I had a filling down without Novocaine it blew me away. I didn't have to go back to work feeling numb. thanks Dr G.

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Dear Dr Graeber,

I could never repay you for all the work you did for me and there will never be enough words to express the way I feel.  You were a God send and I thank him everyday for you and all that you have done. From when I was little, you always made sure I had the best and the best choice was made for me. I don't look at you at you as just my dentist, cause what you have always done is treated me like family and I thank you.  I look up to you and respect you for all you have done .  Thank you for everything, I will never forget it!



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